IKOI Srl is a company led by Giovanni Faoro, the Chief Executive. He has been working since 1977 in the melting, heat and chemical treatments of precious metals.
Brilliant insights have allowed IKOI to file numerous patents in the precious metal production processes field. The technical team is the cornerstone of the company’s know-how. Its decades of experience in the fields of chemistry, metallurgy and electronics provide the company with pre-eminent expertise in processing gold and silver with utmost care and attention.

With its vast experience, IKOI offers a wide range of solutions – from furnaces and single machines to plants and complete production lines up to turnkey factories – all able to operate automatically with full control of all the processing steps.

IKOI’s experience has evolved the technologies to offer a turning point in the processes for precious metals and to become a leading company in its field. IKOI has made considerable investments in Research and Development, and is in continuous touch with research institutes and prestigious universities such as CNR (Italian National Research Center), the University of Padua “Metallurgy Section” and CRI (International Research Centers).

Its continuing relationships and strong cooperation with leading bodies and associations in the precious metals sector, such as the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), banks, mines, refineries and other important major experts in the field, have allowed IKOI to offer the market solutions that would have been unthinkable until recently.

As with any manufacturing process, huge amounts of energy are required in processing precious metals as well.
In recent years, the economies of operation and safety in plant management have become crucial for our customers. For this reason, IKOI has paid special attention to reducing energy consumption, respecting the environment and the safety of operators. The Company is committed to continually looking for ways to get the most out of every energy resource used while avoiding waste and setting increasingly ambitious goals for it selves.
The safety of operators is an essential element in all steps of the process, and this is why every single operation is designed to prevent even the slightest risk.
IKOI produces:

  • Machinery and plants for gold and silver investment bars and coins production (flameless tunnel furnace, casting grains machines, tilting melting furnaces, static furnaces and multi-crucible furnaces, refining plants)
  • Machinery and plants for goldsmith-’s, silversmith-’s, jeweler-’s and watchmaking production (belt furnaces, complementary machines continuous casting, fast wire casting machines, gas division, pre-melting furnaces, static annealing furnaces, tilting melting furnaces, welding machines and wire & strip continuous annealing)
  • Machinery and plants for other heat treatments (annealing furnaces, belts furnaces, sintering furnaces, tempering furnaces)
  • Gold, Silver & Platinum group metals’ (Pgm) Refining processes
IKOI Awards in last years:



IKOI’s presence in the National Museum of Kazakhstan in Astana

Presence of IKOI Flameless technology around the world